Saturday, June 14, 2014

Nugent-Kobach—haters of a feather work together

It was a team matched down in Hell—Right-wing rockerTed Nugent has endorsed Kris Kobach for re-election as Kansas secretary of state. Nugent is the most right-wing idiot on the rock and roll scene. Kobach may be one of the worst Kansas politicians to come along in years. He is the most bigoted and racist Kansan in office since the 1950s.
Nugent champions the rights of people’s gun rights. Nugent is famous for "Cat Scratch Fever” and “Wango Tango.” Recently he posted a Facebook message Wednesday, urging his fans and other 
carpetbaggers to donate to Kobach’s campaign.
According to the Seattle Pi, Nugent called the 44th president a “subhuman mongrel” and went on the say that ex-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has “spare scrotums.” He also called Obama a communist.
Most people know Kobach from his attempts at stopping immigrants from registering to vote. I personally heard Kobach tell a crowd of people that he had a record of 20—yes that's 20—whole cases of voter fraud. And how many people could not vote in the last election due to these new laws—
18,000. Is that a good deal or what? And we know that poor people and minorities are the people most likely to have trouble coming up with the documents to meet these new requirements. Those just happen to be the very people Kansas Republicans don't want to vote because they might vote against them.
Kobach has traveled all around the country helping other states disenfranchise their minorities and immigrants. Some people in Kansas are wondering if he spends enough time to actually do his job that he was elected for.
Kobach has championed a bill to 
ignore the federal government and protect the rights of landowners to kill of the lesser prairie Chicken. Those of us who want to preserve our Kansas heritage must sit back and watch while the greediest citizens drive our wild life to extinction. We have Koback to thank for that.
More than likely Nugent champions Kobach for gun rights. In the last year and 1/2 we have had nearly 70 shootings by mentally ill people, or people who are temporarily insane, who legally bought guns. We can easily thank Nugent and the NRA he works with and almost all Kansas politicians for making it easy for insane people to get guns.
Kobach represents the worst that Kansas has to offer. Nugent is the best reason not to become a member of the NRA.

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