Tuesday, June 24, 2014

It’s election time and we can vote for Senator Sleazy Slime

By Red Bob Blogger…

Oh good...It's election time and the folks on PBS can tell me all about the scum bags who want me to go out and vote for them. If I do I will have to wash my hands extra good to get off the slime of these nasty people. Pat Robinson already brags he is the 5th most conservative. Why doesn't he just show a picture of his asshole and brag about his ability to make life really hard for poor people, elderly and handicapped? Why doesn't he brag that he supports keeping all them Mexican illegals from voting. His slogan should be "I'm the biggest ass hole in Kansas."How do I keep the slime off my TV?

I sell heroin, have sex with children,
take bribes, hate immigrants and poor people,
kill children, smoke dope, cost you your job and
Mike Pompeo

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