Monday, March 28, 2011

Wichita didn’t want the casino—Mulvane does—let them have it

It’s amazing how Kansas Legislators can dance around a bill and not really talk about it. House Resolution 6015 is such a bill. It threatens to shut down a planned casino project in Mulvane. Hundreds of construction jobs will be lost and hundreds of permanent jobs will be lost as well. Chances are that those stopping it are doing so for religious purposes, even though few if any legislators will admit that.
Democrat Rep. Kathy Wolfe Moore, of Kansas City, said as far as she can tell the law was followed by the developer and the Racing and Gaming Commission.
“We set out certain standards and it appears to me from what I read that all those standards were followed every step of the way—now we’re crying foul and it doesn’t seem fair to those involved,” Wolfe Moore said. “I would like to know is this really about the contract or is this really anti-gaming?”
One of the opponents of this bill is Steve Brunk who has made it clear he doesn’t want such operations in Kansas. Again the;
“The intent behind this thing was to keep legislators from doing something nefarious to try to attempt to use their influence over the Gaming Commission to try to get them to decide one way or another … to use their influence to subvert the process,” Brunk said.  “But the way it was written says we can’t speak out about it. (The law) was poorly written.”
But the people of Mulvane voted to have this Casino and efforts to stop it are by a bunch of religious sore losers who just don’t want gaming. In these bad economic times, this kind of development could turn unemployment problems around. We need to get rid of House Resolution 6015. It’s just bad economics.

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