Saturday, March 26, 2011

Kansas Republicans target abortion rights


It is not surprising that a house, senate and governor, completely in the hands of the Kansas Republican Party, would try and pass as many obstacles against abortion as is possible under the rules of the U.S. Supreme Court.
So they have passed a law HB 2218, a ban on later term abortion with no exception for fetal anomaly or clear definition of physical conditions that would constitute a threat great enough to the mother to allow the procedure.
Several women’s groups, such as National Organization for Women (NOW) and Trust Women have tried to fight the bill the best they could.
A site for Trust Womensaid;
This bill removes the ability of pregnant women and families to make critical decisions about pregnancy in consultation with their physicians. It puts lawmakers in the position of health care administrator and decision-maker and bans safe, legal procedures. HB 2218 is nothing more than political interference in a pregnant woman’s most personal, private medical decisions.
What is really ridiculous about this bill and others across the country is that they will simply be overturned if the Republican Party looses its grip on power as it did during the Barack Obama election.
The Kansas Legislators know they can’t just ban abortion so they come up with as many restrictions as possible. So far South Dakota has the most restrictive abortionrules on the books. Republicans will continue to chip away from abortion rights even though there are powerful women’s groups to oppose that.

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