Monday, February 07, 2011

Kansas lawmakers never learn from the War On Drugs

Wichita Peace and Freedom Party Examiner;

There is a new movement, in the Kansas legislature, to ban cold remedies that have pseudoephedrine. It is true that underground chemist can make methamphetamine out of that chemical, but banning over the counter health aids is more likely to cause inconvenience to adults than it will be at effectively stopping meth labs.
According too an article in The Wichita Eagle, two states have made such cold medicines prescription only, Oregon and Mississippi. They have had a large reduction in meth labs. But now people have to go to a doctor for a simple cold remedy. But as more states enact such bans, the underground chemist will simply find another source. Ephedrine actually comes from a bush. It would not be hard to grow those. And pseudoephedrine could be illegally exported from other countries.
The violence from drug wars in Mexico should be first hand proof how creating such a black market is a bad idea.
The Kansas legislature has banned K9 and K2 along with a large number of herbs that keep showing up in head shops that can produce a high. No testing is done to see if there is really any danger to these highs--just the puritan belief that any high besides alcohol has to be sinful. Methamphetamine is a dangerous drug. But allowing less dangerous highs would help prevent people from seeking out these more dangerous drugs.
It wouldn’t hurt our lawmakers to take their time when considering banning legal herbs and medicines.

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