Saturday, January 15, 2011

Voter Fraud or xenophobia?


Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach still plans to attack what he sees as “voter fraud” even though there is no evidence that such fraud is rampant he said, on Wednesday, he will include provisions dealing with mail-in ballots. He also said he plans to enact the nation's toughest election fraud law.
But the reason still escapes some people. Voters already have to register a head of time and sign in when they go to the polls. It’s just not that easy to cheat on elections. That is especially true with the new electronic voting were one person can’t stuff a ballot box.
Kobach’s main focus is picture IDs. What kind of IDs? Some people don’t drive. Voting is supposed to be open to all citizens. Many already find the process difficult and they don’t bother.
Now he wants a driver's license number, identification number or another form of ID when they submit a request for a ballot by mail. What kind of ID can a person use besides a driver’s license?
What this new bill will really do is prevent poor people from voting and draw suspicion on legal immigrants. It is bigotry and xenophobia. We don’t need that in Kansas.

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