Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Moran a typical corporate politician


It’s hard to understand why working people would support a politician such as Jerry Moran. He is clearly interested in rich people and not the least concerned about poor people being hurt by this recession.

According to The Wichita Eagle;

“Kansas Sen.-elect Jerry Moran said Monday that he would vote to extend the Bush tax cuts permanently, including those for the wealthiest Americans….

But Moran, currently a Republican member of the House, said that he would probably not back extending unemployment insurance for people whose benefits are due to run out.”

People who make above $250,000 really don’t need such tax breaks. While some people worry they will end up in a homeless shelter after working for years, investing in a home, they are now out of work and struggling to make ends meet. Jobs are scarce and those available have many applicants trying for them. I went to one place where the manager said he had a whole stack of applications of just one job opening.

For those who will lose their unemployment, they will lose everything, including their home. So what does Moran expect these people to do once they can’t find work? Does he care at all? His actions indicate he doesn’t. Chances are rich corporate leaders put up the money for his campaign and he takes care of them. He keeps their taxes down and does nothing for the poor saps that voted him into office.

The big question is why any poor worker would support a person who simply doesn’t care about them?

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