Saturday, October 30, 2010

Raj Goyle Unleashes Attack Ad on Mike Pompeo

From The Huffington Post:
Steven John Otto

Steven John Otto

Posted: October 11, 2010 12:07 AM

Democrat Raj Goyle accused his opponent Mike Pompeo of outsourcing jobs from his own company to China last week during a press conference. Goyle is battling Republican Pompeo for the 4th Congressional District seat of Congress left open by outgoing Todd Tiahrt.
"Sentry used to make oil field equipment here," Goyle said. "But under Mike Pompeo's tenure these products are now mostly made in China."
According to Pompeo's website, in 2006, he "sold his interest in Thayer Aerospace and soon thereafter became President of Sentry International, an independent business that is engaged in the manufacture and sale of equipment used in oilfield and industrial applications around the globe."
Goyle gave an example of a plant that used to operate in Hesston, Kansas.
When asked where his information came from, Goyle said, "much of it is on Sentry's website."
Goyle also released an attack ad. Watch it below:
"It is fundamentally my job to bring jobs to Kansas," Goyle repeated. "My opponent outsources jobs."
Pompeo later responded in a press release. Below is an excerpt:
WICHITA, KS - Raj Goyle is now running a commercial and has held multiple news conferences falsely stating that Mike Pompeo has outsourced Kansas jobs to China. In his ad, Goyle states "...Mike Pompeo is president of a company that used to make oil field equipment here in Kansas and now does its manufacturing in places like China."
"Raj Goyle continues to tamper with the truth. He is intentionally misleading Kansas voters," said Mike Pompeo.

"Fact is, the company that I run today, Sentry International, was founded in Kansas in 2003 with zero employees. I was hired as the company's President in 2006, at that time the company had less than 10 employees. Today, the company employs approximately 100 hard working Americans in the United States and provides products and services to the oil and gas industries with customers all over the world."

"Not one single job was moved from Hesston, Kansas - or anywhere else in America - to China. I have more than doubled the number of jobs in Kansas," added Pompeo.

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