Thursday, July 01, 2010

Palin endorses the bimbo Tiahrt in Kansas

From Wichita Peace and Freedom Party Examiner

Not long ago Sarah Palin endorsed Todd Tiahrt in his Republican Primary Senate bid against Jerry Moran. Tiahrt was quite proud and that is not surprising. Both Tiahrt and Palin rely on the appeal to the less educated people.
Their followers are largely the type of people who scoff at scientists who tell them about global warming and other environmental policy disasters. Tiahrt’s and Palin’s followers hide their heads in the sand. She even tried to blame the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico on environmentalists.
Tiahrt’s latest ads show him bragging that he is getting heavy support from Tea Party members. By now many of us see the core of the Tea Party as fringe elements out of control. They talk of armed uprisings against Washington. They support agressive wars such as Iraq. They are against any health care reform that would require them to help the less fortunate. They have accused President Barack Obama of being a Communist, Nazi and of destroying this country. They are largely out for number 1 (themselves). That’s pretty much the Tiahrt philosophy, “take care of number one.”
Tiahrt has used hot button issues such as abortion, to get support of the religious right and collects record numbers campaign contributions. He has used his office for making himself rich, at the taxpayer’s expense. Palin has profited from the ignorance of a segment of the population and Tiahrt has relied on the same crowd. They are meant for each other.


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Debbie Williams said...

Rep Tiahrt is a joke and a sad example of a representative. Tiahrt is a liar and fits the profile of the typical midwest republican. He probably attends some kind of crazy church that he uses in his narrow view of life. It is very scary that someone like him could even get votes. Oh yea his followers are not educated!!!!