Monday, June 28, 2010

Open letter from the Raj Goyle campaign

Dear Friends,

In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue. And on June 19th, 2010… poor Tony Hayward did, too. If you’re like Raj Goyle, you probably saw it on TV: Tony “I Want My Life Back” Hayward, the disgraced CEO of British Petroleum, blissfully racing his yacht last Saturday in the open waters of Great Britain. While here in America, millions of barrels of oil continued to spew from Hayward’s deepwater well into the closed waters of our Gulf of Mexico. When Raj saw Hayward helming his yacht, he went ballistic. Are you kidding me?!? Where’s the accountability? Who does this guy think he is? As the momentum continues building in Raj Goyle’s campaign for Congress, you won’t find the accountability with his Republican opponents here in the 4th District of Kansas. Not even close. Raj Goyle needs your help now to keep the momentum going! Donate $500, $250, or $100 online at

The GOP frontrunner is self-funding multi-millionaire oil tycoon Wink Hartman. Sailing just behind Hartman is Club for Growth favorite Mike Pompeo. You don’t hear a peep out of either of them. Not when Tony Hayward went yachting. Or when Republican Congressman Joe Barton of Texas issued his nationally-televised apology to the BP CEO earlier last week. There isn’t a single Kansan who believes apologies are in order for Hayward and BP as they wreak havoc on America’s economy. So the silence from Hartman and Pompeo is deafening… but it shouldn’t be surprising. Hartman made his multi-millions as an oil company CEO. Now Republican Wink Hartman is using those millions to run for Congress – when he isn’t busy flying private planes back and forth to his residence in Florida, of course. Hartman probably saw Hayward on TV and got a bad case of yacht envy. And GOPer Mike Pompeo? Like you read, he’s backed by the Club for Growth – a shadowy Washington special interest group, funded by Wall Street bankers and their lobbyists who might as well call themselves the Club for Greed. If Hartman or Pompeo get any wind in their sails, they’ll steer Congress the exact same direction guys like Tony Hayward poster boy. Go to

and donate ASAP before our fundraising deadline of June 30th – every contribution – $500, $250, $100 or even $50 – will go toward demanding accountability in are headed. Raj Goyle won’t let that happen. But Raj needs your help right now to beat the multi-millionaire oil tycoon and “Club for Greed” Washington! Sincerely,

Kiel Brunner

Campaign Manager


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I generally support your various causes but I feel that your arguments would reach further and carry more punch if you put them through a spelling/grammer check first.