Saturday, April 03, 2010

Moran leads Tiahrt in polls—will we finally be rid of that parasite?

According to New Appeal to Reason:

Things getting worse for Tiahrt
Swing State Project
Things have gotten a little worse for Todd Tiahrt in his race against Jerry Moran in the GOP primary to succeed outgoing Sen. Sam Brownback: SUSA now shows Moran up 42-32. Two months ago, Moran led by seven points - and by just three two months before that. The Kansas primary is not until August 3rd, so Tiahrt still has time, but he doesn't seem to be gaining much traction.

But things are looking up for the people of Kansas. This opportunist, who has taken the people of Kansas for all the money he can get may finally be out of a government job. It’s a few months before the August primary, but at least we have some hope that an actual politician will replace this guy. If that happens I will change the name of this blog and focus on other cretins who get elected to serve in Kansas.

Imagine- a Kansas without Tiahrt

If Tiahrt loses--What a Beautiful World

The Times they are a changing--Tiahrt’s time is over


Anonymous said...

We are not "Tea baggers" we are your nightmare, we are the majority.

Salamander 奥托 said...

If you mean you’re not a moron with someone’s nuts in your face—I guess I just have to disagree (at least figuratively).Also are you trying to intimidate us, because it just won’t work. Sometimes those with reason win out over those with force.