Thursday, April 01, 2010

Tiahrt raises expenses $1 million

Rep. Todd Tiahrt is spending about $ a million for five people to answer phones this year. At a time when Republicans complain that the Democrats are spending us into debt, Tiahrt is increasing his expenses. He then tried to blame it on Obama, because he gets more phone calls.

According to The Wichita Eagle and The Huffington Post:

Rep. Todd Tiahrt (R-Kan.), a loud critic of government spending, has an explanation for the $1 million his office cost taxpayers last year: It's President Obama's fault.
Tiahrt's office payroll jumped 22 percent, or $196,000, in 2009,
the Wichita Eagle reports. "We saw that spike with the election of President Obama," Tiahrt's spokesman said. "We had to employ a number of people to answer phone calls."
Maybe so, but the bulk of that extra money went to
five people, all of whom are also working on and receiving money from Tiahrt's Senate campaign. Four of those five are members of his "campaign leadership team."

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KyleB said...

ganz ausgezeichnet! always smelled Tiny-heart Todd's poison bull. I've some fundie friends whose simple caring I respect and, judgments aside, Todd poops on them. I grew up in South Dakota and partied in Vermillion (Tiny-heart's hometown); sobered up nearby and decades later, my dad having retired to this quaint college town overlooking the Missouri, buried him there. Tiny-heart fouls dad's memory and the noble natives. Tiny-heart and other selfish haters must go! MUST GO!