Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Republican assholes and idiots dominate the Kansas State Fair.

Well it is Kansas, and the people here just can’t get their minds into the 21st century. They are still stuck in the 19th century and this article proves it.

According to The Wichita Eagle:

HUTCHINSON — When it comes to politics at the Kansas State Fair, the dominant color is Republican red.

A raft of GOP politicians worked hard Saturday to portray themselves as the most opposed to President Obama's plans for health care, the environment and the economy.

Defenders of the president were few.

The Republican Party booth in the Meadowlark Building was a bustle of activity, with four or five congressional candidates and supporters at a time shaking hands and answering voters' questions.

Sue Boldra, a Hays teacher and one of six GOP candidates for Kansas' 1st Congressional District, said one question she heard repeatedly was, "Why is the Democrat booth so empty?"

Not far away, the Democratic Party booth featured photos of the party's state officeholders, a drawing for a book autographed by the president, and little else. During the busy noon hour, it was staffed by a young woman who deferred media questions to a party spokesman in Topeka.

With little opposition to speak of, the GOP candidates had a field day.

Among those working the crowds were businessman Jim Anderson and Republican National Committeeman Mike Pompeo, candidates for the 4th Congressional District seat.”

One thing the party of selfish rich people can count on this year is that many people who need change can’t afford the fair. Joblessness and the general downturn in the economy has left mostly just wealthy people to spend gas and money to go to the fair.

Of course, only in a state such as Kansas could a bunch of politicians brag about being against the environment and fixing the economy. They do represent the most self centered egotists among us.

As for the Kansas Democratic Party, with a few exceptions they have been missing in action for many years.

The usual pack-of-lies were spewed out. Sam Brownback set the tone by stating that polls show more than eight out of 10 Americans are satisfied with their health care. While he acknowledged the system could improve, he said, "the way to do that isn't to put a lot more federal government on the system."

According to a pool on the local TV station just the other night, 62% said they were satisfied and 11% said they had no insurance at all. An MSNBC Poll shows only 52% oppose President Barack Obama’s health plan altogether. Many just don’t really understand it. As usual, Brownback bent the rules to favor his pro-insurance industry position.

Tiahrt said he believes solar activity, not human activity, is the primary driver of global climate change. Calls to reduce carbon dioxide emissions are "based on political science, not hard science," he said.

"We don't need the government to tell us what to set our thermostats at," he said.

Most people in the crowd agreed.

It is hard to imagine a more dangerous stand to take in a state such as Kansas, where global warming might cause another dust bowl in the next 100 years. The temperature is predicted in some scientific circles to get has high as 10˚ while others predict about a 7˚ increase. This will destroy the states agriculture and leave this state too hot and dry to grow anything. But Tiahrt and his idiot followers look only at today and ignore problems they will leave for future generations.

Let’s hope future generations remember this scumbag and all the damage he contributed to when all the global warming shit hits the fan. If we are lucky they will dance on and desecrate his grave.


Anonymous said...

This is typical left-wing propaganda. The democrats (Obama and his Chicago cronies in particular) are intent on making America a socialist nanny state, where handouts are the norm and the "evil" rich are decimated through taxation and confiscation. Once they (evil rich) are gone, who will fund the handouts for everyone else sitting on their butts with their hands extended? The rest of the jobs will be gone too, because most of us work for rich people. What about Obama's biggest supporter, General Electric, paying zero Federal taxes last year? Wow, what a coincidence. Hypocrisy out of control. People who went to school, took financial risks and worked hard should hand it over to lazy bums, so they can party? Your leader (not mine) wants this... great ideology. Your Democrats will make us a third world country in one more generation at the rate Obama's going. Think about that when you go to the polls.

Anonymous said...

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