Sunday, January 27, 2008

Tiahrt: “U.S. NEEDS STIMULUS AND LONG-TERM GROWTH PLANS” – a whole article on nothing

Rep. Todd Tiahrt’s latest column, on the economy, in The Wichita Eagle is amazing in that it really says nothing at all, that hasn’t been said already. It Give the usual Republican fodder about:

The short-term stimulus package is likely to include federal tax rebate checks for individuals and business tax incentives to spur immediate growth and job creation. Regardless of what Americans do with extra rebate money in their pockets, it will go to work right away in our economy by being spent or invested. Either choice generates economic opportunities. And as the job creators in our economy, businesses need tax relief to help generate more job growth.

And of course there are always outright ignorant rants about making the American worker more competitive in the world economy:

During the past decade, we have lost many valuable jobs in the United States, even though we have the best workers, especially in Kansas. While our competitors around the globe have made their countries more attractive for employers, we have made it more difficult for American businesses to create jobs. We must tear down barriers that keep businesses from being competitive, and we should do so with bipartisan force.

They pay $20 a week in China to build our TV’s Can the American workers compete with those wages. Who can live on that? How, Mr. Tiahrt, are we supposed to compete with those types of wages? Of course Tiahrt gives no answer and probably doesn’t even have one.

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Ramon said...

Tiahrt, as usual, displays that he is incapable of original thought and is only concerned with spouting Republican talking points, no matter how illogical the arguments happen to be. We have to get this man out of office!!!