Saturday, January 26, 2008

Tiahrt denies overpopulation and it’s problems

Once again, people of the far right who refuse to believe in overpopulation, by awarding a “Champions for Family: International Culture of Life Award” To Representative Todd Tiahrt. At a time when global whether patterns and peak oil predictions are telling us that we will are facing future food shortages, to promote bigger families would seem outright absurd. But we are taking about Todd Tiahrt, a man whose very tenure in office can be summed up as absurd.

The article said:

Tiahrt to be Awarded "Champions for Family: International Culture of Life Award"
The Filipino Family Fund will present the award at their reception tonight in Washington D.C.
WASHINGTON – U.S. Rep. Todd Tiahrt (R-Goddard) tonight will be awarded with the "Champions for Family: International Culture of Life Award." The Filipino Family Fund will present the award at their 2nd annual "International Culture of Life: Champions for Family" reception at the Phoenix Park Hotel at 7 p.m."I consider it a great honor and privilege to stand with those working to protect traditional family values and the lives of the unborn," said Tiahrt. "There is much work that remains to be accomplished; but without the work of the Filipino Family Fund and other groups like it, our world would be much bleaker. We need more groups and people acting as tireless champions for a culture of life.
"In 1998 Congress first enacted the so-called "Tiahrt Amendment" that prohibited the use of U.S. funds for coercive family planning programs abroad. This language was necessitated by the documentation of widespread and oppressive patterns of forced sterilizations and denial of basic public benefits for women who refused to participate in family planning in Peru. Rep. Tiahrt has continued to ensure this language is retained each appropriations year.

For the rest of this article see Tiahrt.

Mr. Tiahrt and his supporters continue to hide their head in the sand on the problem of overpopulation due to religious superstition.

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