Monday, October 15, 2007

Tiahrt’s Churches are still under investigation

One of Rep. Todd Tiahrt’s main constituents of support are various fundementalist churches in the Wichita area. Lukily some are under attack by the IRS for missusing their tax excempt status for political purposes. One example is in a Wichita Eagle article about Mark Holick, pastor of Spirit One Christian Center,, Oct. 13, 2007:
The IRS contacted Spirit One in May and questioned Holick about his involvement in distributing voter guides and messages on the church's marquee critical of some candidates and their stances on abortion.
Under the federal tax code, churches and nonprofit groups are prohibited from certain political campaign activities, including endorsing candidates and contributing money during active elections. Groups that violate the ban risk losing their nonprofit status.
The IRS does not comment on specific cases. Holick said the investigation is ongoing.
He said the city case and the IRS case were examples of government overstepping its boundaries in the areas of religion and free speech.

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