Wednesday, May 16, 2007

MoveOn pressures Tiahrt to vote for ending the war

Dear MoveOn members,

This afternoon the House is going to vote on their latest plan for Iraq. We received word late last night that there could be a vote today on an amendment that would call for a mandatory withdrawal from Iraq by early 2008—the strongest attempt to end the war we've seen come to the floor of this Congress. At the same time, Republicans are trying to strip out any measures that hold the president accountable on the war.
Can you call Rep. Tiahrt right now and tell him to vote for the McGovern amendment to mandate a withdrawal from Iraq? Make sure he understands that we want to end the war quickly—not hand the president another blank check for Iraq.

Congressman Todd Tiahrt
Phone: 202-225-6216

Then, please report your call by clicking here:
As more and more Republicans break with the president, Congress should strengthen their efforts to impose a mandatory timeline for withdrawal.
Just yesterday, 11 Republicans went to meet with the president to send him a message that he needs to change direction in Iraq.1 And a CNN poll released yesterday showed that 57 percent of Americans favor continued Democratic efforts to attach a timeline to any additional funding for the war.2 It's a moment to keep pushing, not cave in.
Please call Rep. Tiahrt and tell him to vote for a mandatory swift withdrawal from Iraq.

Thanks for all you do,
–Nita, Tom, Justin, Marika and the Political Action Team
Thursday, May 10th, 2007
1. "NBC: 11 Republicans Berate Bush Over Iraq In Private White House Meeting," Thinkprogress, May 9, 2007
2." Poll: Most back Congress over Bush in war funding fight,", May 9. 2007
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Michael Caddell said...

I watched Idiot on C-span last week and thought he sounded dumber than what I remember him. This guy parrots the insane "fight them over there" crapola logic better than his Boy Emperor boss.

Does Move On really expect him to change?

Steve 奥多 said...

It depends on what they are all smoking and drinking.