Saturday, April 07, 2007

Tiahrt waist tax-payers money on un-necessary flood control

More praise for the Idiot Todd Tiahrt from a letter writer to The Wichita Eagle, This Friday. He has, according to his fan; Tiahrt has provided funding for a 300 foot wide Channel near West Maple and Maize Road, to relive the flooding problem along the Cowskin Creek.
What this fan fails to look at is that the flooding problem started when the city allowed land developers to build homes in the Cowskin Creek floodplain. This Republican nincompoop praised Tiahrt for looking out for his 4th district. What he fails to mention is that if Tiahrt hand been looking out for his district, he would have made an effort to stop the city from allowing developers to build in a floodplain and that would have saved the taxpayers a lot of money on an un-necessary flood control project that would have never been needed if the city planners were more responsible and less corrupt.

Cowskin Creek flooding.


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