Thursday, November 02, 2006

Tiahrt’s illegal signs trash Kansas scenery

Rep. Todd Tiahrt and his supporters have always behaved as if they are above the law. For years they have put many hundreds, if not thousands of Tiahrt yard signs on public right of ways, along the public side of the street and even along rail road tracks. Some people have taken it apon themselves to remove the signs since they can legally do that. Now even The Wichita Eagle, October 30, 2006, has noticed Tiahrt’s supporters disregard for the law. In one of their blogs called “What part of illegal campaign sign don’t you understand?” they said:

“As the Nov. 7 election nears, expect more violations of city yard sign rules. This past weekend, for example, campaign signs for Rep. Todd Tiahrt, R-Goddard, were posted illegally along several major roads in northwest Wichita — and in several of those locations, more than a dozen Tiahrt signs were posted illegally, one after another.”

Clutter clutter CluTTer cLUTTER ClUtTeR Clutter Clutter

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cheesemeister said...

Gosh, that would be a miserable sight to see while trying to take a pleasant stroll. Could inspire severe depression!