Saturday, November 11, 2006

Is Tiahrt next?


It must be getting lonely for poor ol’ Rep Todd Tiahrt, being the only far-right extremist to win his election victory. He won mainly because local democrats refused to give any support, of any kind, to his opponent, Garth McGuinn (Earlier I reported Alan Bjerga as his opponent. Either my information was wrong or Garth McGuinn decided to take over and run instead of Alan Bjerga. If the Dems had given this guy some money, we all would have noticed his name). They thought he couldn’t win so the Democrats just handed the seat over to Tiahrt. The Wichita Eagle bragged, before the election, that he has been a very influential representative for the country and for Kansas. He’s been on many committees. That should change soon. With the Democrats running the US House, surely they will put someone qualified on all those committees and return Tiahrt where he belongs – in the back of the House with nothing to do. When it comes to doing nothing – that’s what Tiahrt does best.

Republican Attorney General Phill Kline – GONE!!!!!
U.S. House - District 2 - Jim Ryun –GONE!!!!

We finally dealt a devastating blow the bastard Republican Party!!!!!
Tiahrt – you may be next!


KU Blue said...

You've got to be kidding. The blame game starts at Garth, not the Party. Don't you think if the Party could wave a wand and elect Democrats they would?

steveotto said...

Because of lack of funding, I never even had the chance to find out who Garth was. As far as I’m concerned, my pet turtle could do a better job than Tiahrt, and she probably could have beaten him with a $million in campaign contributions.