Sunday, June 18, 2006

Once again, Tiahrt promotes Republican icons

Just as Kim Il Sung constantly erected monuments to himself in North Korea, to remind his people who important he was to them, Rep. Todd Tiahrt has once again designate a building, the community center at McConnell Air Force Base, Kansas, known as Emerald City, as the Robert J. Dole Community Center in honor of World War II veteran and former United States Representative and Senator Robert J. Dole.
Any one who has seen the Robert Dole center at Kansas University realizes this is much more about immortalizing Dole than honoring World War II vets. There’s one wall with pictures of WWII vets and an entire room full of Dole’s pictures and items from his past, including clothing he wore to college. It really does look like a hero’s museum, such as those in North Korea and Dole isn’t even dead yet.
Tiahrt has been trying to rename buildings all over Kansas and other places after Republicans. Few politicians have tried to re-write their states history as Tiahrt has. I have commented on several of his schemes in the past. This is one I just found out about.

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Redzilla said...

Plus, how confusing is it for every new public building to be named after Dole? Crap, once Dole IS dead, it'll be like, "Okay, you'll go down Dole Blvd. Take a left on Dole Ave. Go two blocks and take a right at the Dole Center."