Tuesday, April 04, 2006

DeLay down – Is Tiahrt next?

According to CBC News:

"DeLay resigns as U.S. House leader after indictment," 28 Sep 2005:

CBC News

"Tom DeLay resigned as U.S. House majority leader on Wednesday after a Texas grand jury indicted him and two associates on charges of conspiracy in fundraising. A defiant DeLay insisted on his innocence and called the prosecutor a "partisan fanatic."

DeLay is the first leader of the House of Representatives to be indicted while in office in at least a century, according to congressional historians."

And what did our representative in the House from Kansas say:
"TomDeLay did nothing wrong," said Rep. Todd Tiahrt, R-Kan, last May. "There is no evidence of any breaking of the House rules, no evidence of breaking any laws of the land or of the laws of Texas."

That’s not how it looks right now.

Last year, MoveOn said for Tiahrt to give the money back.
The organization MoveOn called up Tiahrt and ask him to give back the $10,071 in PAC money he received from Republican Leader Tom Delay.

Do rotten apples fall like dominoes?

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David Gaines said...

Out of curiosity, what do you think about Tiahrt's comments about DC returning to Maryland if DC residents want voting rights? Being a DC resident, I find it ignorant and un-American for anyone, especially a House Representative, to say you can't get congressional representation because of your physical address.

Then again, maybe people feel since it's the District and not a state or commonwealth, that's just the way it is. I am curious to hear your opinions, and I thank you for your blog. I wasn't sure if I was the only one who felt Tiahrt was a dunce.