Monday, March 06, 2006

Bob Corkins, Kansas Education Commissioner - The other IDIOT

Normally this blog if for Todd Tiahrt, but it is called “The Idiot Factor” and being an idiot and serving in a public office is becoming more common here in Kansas. So this is a comment about the “other idiot,” Bob Corkins, Kansas Education Commissioner.
Having just finished obtaining my teaching certificate, I had to spend many long hours of classroom work, practice with an actual classroom and I must recertify. There are many tests and background checks done on us before we get certified. All this cost us money.
The average teacher is not making the kind of money that Corkins and is making and the only reason Corkins got that job is to help the present school board find ways to tear down our public school system and replace it with some program to promote private schools.
This man is an insult to any intelligent person who is or has worked to become an educator in Kansas. Many of us have worked hard and invested a lot of money in our careers only to see a state school elected that seems to want to run us out of the state. Corkins has not worked in an actual classroom setting. He has no serious credentials. He simply shares the far-right’s agenda for destroying public schools.
He has insulted the everyday educators of this state. The best and brightest will certainly “see the light”and leave the state. That is a consideration I am giving serious thought to right now. Kansans have proven with this board they don’t respect teachers and they don’t respect our public schools.
So don’t be surprised when there’s a shortage of “GOOD” teachers because the state has allowed these wing-nuts to destroy our schools to the point of running off our most gifted teachers.

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cheesemeister said...

Sounds like the stupid system at work in most industries. Those in management, who often have never done the "grunt work," come up with all kinds of rules that are supposed to make things "run better," but instead frustrating the living hell out of the people trying to take care of the real business at hand. Unfortunately in this case it is the kids who will suffer.