Saturday, February 25, 2006

Group to confront Tiahrt on his taxpayer’s supplied socialized medical coverage he opposes for the rest of us

A number of people from Wichita’s are planning a visit to Rep. Todd Tiahrt’s office to ask him what kind of health care benefits the taxpayers are providing him with.

For those who don’t know, all US Congress people are given free health care benefits, even though the majority of them have opposed any kind of “socialized medicine” or any other government sponsored health care protection. It apparently works for them, but can’t work for us.
The main reason it can’t work for us is that it is opposed by medical lobbyist who fear loosing money.
Government leaders, such as Tiahrt, have done nothing to stop private companies from cutting their medical benefits.
The meeting from the Peace and Social Justice group has been postponed. But they will confront Tiahrt on the issue of taxpayers paying for his healthcare when they can’t afford their own.


thejokr said...

Ummm...that's vapid.

Member's of Congress are also employees of the federal government. All of whom recieve medical coverage. And you're saying anyone that has health care cannot oppose efforts to socialize health care.

That's vapid.

steveotto said...

Yes and I will go one further buy pointing out that members of the US Congress get medical benefits far greater than the average federal government employee. They have everything they want, full coverage at the tax-payers expense. That IS “socialized medicine.” And the majority of Congress (yes, that includes some Democrats) oppose even modest reforms to help those workers who are struggling to meet their medical payments. Prices keep going up - benefits for the average worker go down.
Congress people are immune because they have “socialized medicine” in the fullest sense of the word.
There’s only one term for that: “HYPOCRACY!”
So how long are the US taxpayers going to sit around and take the vapid abuse? I am proposing that those who make the laws – live by them, as the rest of us do. THEY DON’T!

cheesemeister said...

I don't know about you, but the health care benefits I pay for at work are half assed. I still can't afford either the money or the time involved with taking care of some non-life-threatening but somewhat debilitating health problems. We have to have insurance to get any kind of health care, but then the care we can get is worthless. It's a crock.

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