Sunday, September 04, 2005

Tiahrt votes wrong again – and again- and again

It’s September and it’s time to assess our local representative and his voting record. According to the Peace Majority Report, during July, for the most part, Rep. Todd Tiahrt voted with his party and his president.
This July he voted for the Patriot Act Renewal, which passed. The Patriot act could just as easily be called the “lets throw out our democracy in favor of totalitarian safety act.” It allows all kinds of violations of the first amendment and the privacy of our citizens. That kind of thing has never bothered Tiahrt.
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Art by LaTuff
As a clone of President George Bush, he voted for Staying In Iraq and he voted to Keep Guantanamo Prisons. The later proves he has no respect for civilized treatment of prisoners of war. That’s not surprising considering that he has never supported civil liberties of his own citizens. The chances he would care about some one else’s rights is only predictable here.
He also voted against a No Nukes In Space amendment, he voted for an Anti-UN Maneuver. This would force action on a heavy-handed bill against the UN that the Senate otherwise would not consider.
It would be unrealistic to expect anything less than Tiahrt to vote the wrong way. He votes wrong more than 90% of the time.

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