Friday, May 13, 2005

Tiahrt wrecks environment for phony gas price relief

Kansas Rep. Todd Tiahrt newest rider to a federal energy bill is a classic “bait and switch” game with the voters. (The Wichita Eagle, April 22, 2005) It’s a bonanza for the oil companies, a disaster for what’s left of our pristine arctic environment and a real snow job on the voters. His measure allows drilling in the Arctic wildlife refuges. Tiahrt already has a 0% approval rating from nearly every environmental group. His contempt for nature is more than obvious. There’s also a provision to protect the oil companies from being suited if they contaminate the gas they sell.Tiarht will obviously come home to his constituents to brag that he is helping lower gas prices at the pump. (Remember, he said no one cares about Tom DeLay.)A few simple facts his constituents might not know or have forgotten is that only 10% of our oil comes from the Middle-east now. Our troops are standing over the worlds largest oil reserve. If prices were a result of supply problems, our gas prices should be at the lowest point they have been in over 10 years. It is price-gouging and not supply that is driving the gas prices up.So Tiarht’s bill means no relief at the pump, destruction of our last wilderness and gas that might damage our car and we will just have to pay to fix it ourselves.So thanks Tiarht. Thanks for NOTHING!!!!!

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