Friday, May 13, 2005

Tiahrt said we are as stupid as he is

Rep. Todd Tiahrt has once again stuck his foot in his mouth, which is just about every time he opens it. The latest stupidy comes from a statement he made defending Majority Leader Tom DeLay and claiming that the rest of us are so stupid we don’t pay attention to the blatant graft. For example:“Rank-and-file members of the House Republican Conference voiced support forMajority Leader DeLay today following their weekly Conference meeting. "TomDeLay did nothing wrong," said Rep. Todd Tiahrt, R-Kan. "There is noevidence of any breaking of the House rules, no evidence of breaking anylaws of the land or of the laws of Texas." Tiahrt and Rep. Dave Weldon,R-Fla., said Republicans are focused on moving legislation through the Houseand downplayed DeLay's impact outside the Beltway. "When I go back to mycongressional district, the question [from] a lot of people is the price ofgas ... whereas you come here and it's 'Tom Delay, Tom DeLay.' And I go backto my district and they don't know who Tom Delay is," Weldon said.”-DeLay Gets Conference Support As Reid, Pelosi Slam GOP-- by Susan Davis and John Stanton13 April 2005.CongressDaily/P.M(c) 2005 by National Journal Group Inc. All rights reserved.-Thanks to Frank Smith of the Peace and Justice list service for this information.Mr. Tiahrt, we are paying close attention to what delay is doing. If you believe otherwise you are making a serious judgment error towards those of us who have believed from the beginning that you are unfit to hold that office. Are numbers are not that small. We will continue to target you until we are finally RID OF YOU.

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