Friday, November 26, 2021

Another not-so thankful Thanksgiving Day

 By Steve Otto

Yesterday was another Thanksgiving. I did not visit anyone. I did not have turkey dinner. And to be frank, this is one year when I have little to be thankful for. On a personal level I had many problems. My wife died last January. I had legal troubles and I do not have a drivers license. I also fell down a flight of steps, which in a round about way got me fired from my last job. I had to have my shoulder operated on and I am in rehabilitation therapy. Nationally, just a few days ago, a jury let Kyle Rittenhouse off scot free for murdering two protesters and wounding another. This gives other vigilantes a green light to kill legal protesters.

Among the many things I’m not thankful for are all the blather on the national TV news, this morning, on Black Friday and all the great sales that people can expect. I am thankful that I have no one to buy for this year, so, I can skip all the senseless shopping. I’m totally disgusted that shopping and making captains of industry rich is so important on this so-called holiday. Profiteers, political leaders and pundits seem to have made sure that every corporate stooge has his or her hands in the till. Capitalism could not be more grotesque or disgusting as it is this time of year.  

We can ad to all of this, the fact that this is probably one of our most politically incorrect holiday of the year. For a closer look see:

American Thanksgiving: A Pure Glorification Of Racist Barbarity


As usual, we need a good traditional Thanksgiving song:

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