Thursday, November 19, 2020

It’s Black Friday for another year, 2020—along with the Coronavirus

 By SJ Otto

It is almost time for the fake holiday of Black Friday. I find the whole ordeal annoying. However, when it comes to writing a blog article, I’m nearly getting to anticipate it with glee. It is an annoying event—an orgy of corporate and capitalist greed, along with gift selling and buying. The whole thing is somewhat silly and ridiculous. Therefore I kind of enjoy writing about it. Unlike years passed we have the Coronavirus to deal with. Smart people will stay home and shop by mail. Some folks may buy less than usual which means the corporations that depend on this holiday for their profits may lose out. I always like it when corporations lose out.

Usually the stupidity starts the day after Thanksgiving. People traditionally get up at the crack of dawn and go to stores to get really cheap merchandise. Some of it is for themselves and some for gifts.

This is a prelude to the Christmas season, with another month or more, of shopping for gifts for family members and friends. People spend a ridiculous amount of money on people who will probably never appreciate all the money, time and effort it took to buy all these gifts. Christmas is supposed to be a holiday celebrating the birth of a poor god-man, Jesus Christ. The actual holiday was started over many thousands of years ago, to celebrate the Winter Solstice. Often it honoured different gods in different countries, such as Saturnalia, which celebrates a Roman God. Most of the traditions—Christmas tree, Santa Claus figure, mistletoe, gift giving was incorporated in these earlier holidays. It has always mystified me as to why an orgy of commercialism and selling stuff has anything to do with a religion that emphasises helping out poor people. After 2,000 years, the holiday seems to have lost its original meaning.  

The Coronavirus will make this holiday season different. We won’t know for sure until it gets here. The problem is many stores are already promoting their own versions of Black Friday. So the buying season has already begun although it will really crank up after Thanksgiving. Already we are seeing commercials on TV with Christmas decorations. So far many people, the season has begun. For everyone else who pays attention, the crass commercial orgy begins next week after thanksgiving.

Television commercial humor from the past:
"When radio ads come to Television"

Pix by Drunk Santa Claus Stock Illustrations – 374 Drunk Santa Claus Stock Illustrations, Vectors & Clipart - Dreamstime and Drunk Santa (@RealDrunkSanta) | Twitter.

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