Thursday, June 07, 2018

WSU students and faculty fight back against backward conservatives

By SJ Otto
Just last week students and some staff persons put out a full page ad in The Wichita Eagle called; "Wichtia State University, It's Time To lift the shade."

The add asked a lot of questions, such as, "When the WSU Administration sold the idea of the YMCA Wellness Center on the Innovation Campus to the Student Government Association and did they explain how many years the student annual commitment of $5 million would apply?"
There were a lot of questions as to how the school administrators ran things and how they used student money. They questioned gifts from the Kochs and asked why they have so much authority to run parts of the university.
The ad questioned President John Bardo when he said creating “an elite little liberal arts college” at WSU “ain’t gonna work.”
“Do we wish we were an elite little liberal arts college?” Bardo said. “That’s not who we are."
The ad said; "failing to recognize that Liberal Arts and Sciences has provided the foundation for every educated student who as attended since 1895."
The main point of all of this is that the faculty and many students are not going to roll over and let a conservative clique destroy our educational system. They are fighting back.

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