Thursday, May 10, 2018

DSA members hear about Mexican MORENA Party

Members of the Democratic Socialist of America (DSA) heard about a new political movement in Mexico, called the MORENA Party, during their monthly Sunday meeting. Dennis Romero, who addressed the meeting, said the new party is similar to Bernie Sanders here in the US.
“Andrés Manuel López Obrador is their presidential candidate,” Romero said.
He added that the presidential elections will be coming up this July 1. He also said he believes this group is much more democratic than the Chávez movement in Venezuela.
“He’s about 20 to 40 percent ahead in the polls,” Romero said.
He added that he didn’t think the rich cared much about poor people livening in Mexico.
“If you want money, people there just tell you to go to America,” Romero said. He pointed out that there would not be so many people who want to come to the US if they could make enough money in Mexico.
Romero said that more radical groups have endorsed Obrador, such as the Zapatista Movement.
DSA members agreed it is important to get news from non US Mainstream sources, such as Del Sur, which is a good source of news on Latin America.

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