Thursday, March 01, 2018

Actions against The Sunflower, WSU’s newspaper, leave the staff “DUMBFOUNDED”

By SJ Otto
There are several issues being raised by The Sunflower, the official newspaper for Wichita State University, over the leadership of the school and how they treat the students. That includes whether or not school officials have the right to conduct discussions over how WSU will spend student fees in closed meetings. (See the article below.) Their continues to be a number of other issues including a proposed cut to The Sunflower’s budget, which is most likely punishment for printing investigating issues that WSU leaders don’t want made public.
In the last few years the Koch brothers, David and Charles, have spent money trying to take over a large part of WSU. They are trying and succeeding to privatize parts of the university. The brothers don’t take well to criticism so it is not surprising that the newspaper’s funding has been cut. It will not surprise us if there are other forms of punishment dished out against the newspaper and possibly even changing the editorials staff. It will also not surprise us if they change the name of the school to Koch University.   
The Koch brothers are like a pair of wolves who want to piss all over the place to mark their territory. Instead of actual pee, they use their money to get their name on everything, from scholarships to buildings. And the leadership of WSU, including John Bardo, have taken money in trade for all kinds of favors. Bardo and his fellow supporters are hardly any different from common prostitutes. And they trade just about anything they get from the students for the money they get from the Kochs. This is just the first installment of articles, mostly from The Sunflower, that show the new levels of corruption we and the newspaper staff are seeing at WSU.

The committee formed to deliberate how Wichita State will spend $9.53 to $9.82 million in student fees closed the door on reporters Friday, claiming the meeting was not subject open meetings laws that require public business to be discussed in public and not behind closed doors.
The Sunflower presented its student fees request to the student fees committee Friday morning from about 11 a.m. to 11:45 a.m. At noon, the committee was supposed to begin deliberations on the Educational Opportunity Fund and Student Service Fees recommendations it would give to student government, who would then vote on the budget. That’s when Teri Hall, Wichita State’s vice president for student affairs, closed the doors to reporters and the public.
“These deliberations have always been closed,” Hall told reporters from The Wichita Eagle and The Sunflower when they tried to re-enter the meeting room for deliberations.

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