Saturday, February 03, 2018

Kansas legislators move backward on marijuana, trying to ban an oil users say is life-changing, illegal in the Sunflower State

While the rest of the country is rolling back outdated marijuana laws Kansas legislators are moving in the opposite direction. The dim-witted backward hicks that run Kansas as if we are still in the decade of the 1950s, are trying to make a medicine that is a by-product of marijuana illegal. Kansas is the one state that tries to ban any plant[1] that can alter a persons consciousness in any way. A person in Kansas can buy alcohol, cigarettes and caffeine products, but any other herb a person might use to relax or make their lives better gets banned. This attitude is ridiculous. Just recently the people of Wichita voted to lessen the penalties for possession of Marijuana. Our elected representatives just don't get it. The people of Kansas are rejecting these archaic rules, not asking for new ones. We need to let all those who run for office in Kansas know that they are working against the will of the people if the continue to try and deprive Kansans of herbal medicines, such as CBD. -SJ Otto

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. -- It's not a high. It's a matter of health. That's what hemp oil users in Kansas are saying, at least.
Prominent lawmakers in the Sunflower State have asked the state to declare cannabidiol illegal. But the owners and customers at one hemp store say their advocates deserve better.
The oil is known as CBD, but users of the popular hemp oil call it a life-changer. County attorneys from two areas of the Sunflower State -- Johnson and Shawnee counties -- are asking Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt to declare CBD illegal because they say the ingredients are too close to the ones found in marijuana.
On Monday, a bill was introduced to the state legislature in Topeka, which would make the penalty for possession of CBD the same as it is for holding pot.
“Taking this out of the hands of the public is really kind of criminal,” Brian Pitts, store owner at Phoenix Natural Wellness in Overland Park, told FOX4. “I’m angry. I'm frustrated.”
Pitts is a believer, too. His 17-year-old daughter, Cecilia, registers on the autism spectrum and is prone to drift into a distant, catatonic state. Pitts said using CBD has transformed her into being a productive person.
“To catch her catatonic is really upsetting,” Pitts said while fighting back tears. “We put her on CBD, and she became a new kid. I'd catch her singing in the other room.”
However, on Monday, the shelves in Pitts' store were bare. He's been threatened with a raid, which could potentially land him in jail. Pitts said he’s shipped his entire CBD inventory to a safe location out of state in order to avoid confiscation.

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[1] The DEA is as bad as the state of Kansas. Two years ago they tried to ban the use of  a harmless herb called kratom. Kansas legislators like to follow that lead and ban such herbs.

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