Friday, November 10, 2017

Veteran’s Day—I won’t be thanking you (soldiers) for my freedom—it doesn’t come from you!

By SJ Otto
As I watch TV I notice more and more and more commercials that claim to honour our vets. The news media, radio, TV, especially, and our newspapers all glorify or cover people who glorify our vets.
I work in the Wichita School System and they have pro-vet signs all over the school, many that encourage our kids to “say thank you to a vet.”
I don’t mean to disrespect vets, but I won’t be thanking them. Here are specific things that I won’t be thanking them for—>
Stealing and ivading people’s countries in Iraq and Afghanistan. I don’t appreciate that we illegally occupy two countries. We are vettting those who enter the political elections in those countries that we laughingly lable as “democraies.”
Ripping off the Kurds who bravely fought against ISIS for us and then found out the US and its allies have no inentions of giving them any more autonomy then they already have.
The use of drones to kill suspected terrorist leaders along with their families, children and friends who happen to be nearby.
Cheap oil and other resources that we get first, before the people who live in those countries.
A greater standard of living that people in this country take for grated, but those in foreign countries, as in Bangladesh, live as if they are stuck in the 1800s.
As far as I’m concerned this country has robbed people of their dignity and respect so that the US can play god.
The only people defending our freedoms are the American Civil Libery Union and a few other groups who are the ones who really fight for our freedom. Not the soldiers who defend the US Empire.

Pictures of the dead-

Pix by Daily Mail:
Cleared: A Gurkha has been returned to duty after he beheaded a Taliban gunman with—

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