Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Eagle exposes the destruction Kansas has tolerated under Gov. Brownback

By SJ Otto
It’s not often that I agree with articles written for The Wichita Eagle, but this Sunday they really spelled it out with “Under Brownback, Kansas government kept shrinking.” Governor Sam Browback created the kind of government that the far-far-far far wing of the Republican Party has dreamed of for the last several decades. Brownback made their dreams a reality and in doing so they created a night-mare for the rest of us.
In order to pay for corporation’s generous tax breaks the rest of us had to foot the bill. Some one has to pay taxes and for us lower income workers that means us. Shrinking out government meant defunding our schools, cutting back on the quality of education, that this present generation is getting. It meant so much defunding of our prisons and we had prison riots.
The Wichita Eagle’s KELSEY RYAN did a good job of explaining the damage that Brownback has made and how it will take years to fix. The only thing the article doesn’t do is explain how the Republican Party is responsible for this mess. The Republicans have developed several dirty tricks to make sure they win even when they don’t really have the votes it normally takes to win. One thing they use is gerrymandering. Another, which they used a lot here in Kansas was the use of restricting voter rules, brought to us by Kris Kobach, in order to keep a lot of young and minority voters off the voting roll.

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