Wednesday, September 06, 2017

When they attacked the Dreamers — they attacked the American Dream itself!

From Alejandro Avilés,
Director of Outreach & Engagement:
Yesterday, Donald Trump, Mike Pence and Jeff Sessions not only attacked Dreamers — they attacked the American Dream itself.
If you believe, as I do, in that fundamentally American ideal that everyone in this country deserves an equal opportunity to work hard and succeed on their merits, please help us fight back right now. Text “WITH DREAMERS” to 30644 and tell your Representative to immediately pass clean legislation protecting DACA recipients.
DACA is a five-year-old program that has allowed hundreds of thousands of young people who were brought to the U.S. as kids — most before the age of six — to stay in the country and make a positive impact. America is their home. Dreamers are just like the rest of us. They study in school, lead productive and successful careers, serve in our military and are an important part of the fabric of our society.
And, of the 800,000 DACA recipients across America today, an estimated 75,000 Dreamers identify as LGBTQ. We must demand that Congress act now to protect them from being deported to countries many of them have never known — including some countries with poor human rights records. We can’t allow this to happen.
While the Trump-Pence Administration peddles hatred, discrimination and bigotry, we must unite and fight back. Stand up for Dreamers today and urge your Representative to protect DACA — text “WITH DREAMERS” to 30644 and you’ll be connected to their office.
Join the corporate leaders, tech giants and small businesses who are speaking out in support of these hard-working young people. Join the more than 1,850 governors, state and municipal officials, civil organization and faith leaders who have taken a stand to allow these students to continue learning. Join HRC in being on the right side of history when it matters most for our youth under attack.

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