Sunday, September 24, 2017

Corbyn Rally Attracts Thousands in Brighton - But He Refuses to Speak at Labour Friends of Palestine Meeting

I find Jeremy Corbyn to be relevant because he is a democratic socialist much like Bernie Sanders. He has become a more affective politician just as Sanders has become, in the last year. He has a lot of faults, but is a breath of fresh air in a seas of really lousy politicians who don't have anything to offer the voters, just as in the case of Theresa May. May is a truly worthless politician. -SJ Otto

In Brighton this evening Jeremy Corbyn, supported by John McDonell, Jenny Formby, Martha Osamor and others, spoke to a monster rally, the largest rally I can ever remember on The Level, the traditional rallying place of the labour movement in Brighton.

After warm-up speeches by the above named, Jeremy Corbyn took the stage for a competent speech about placing people before profit.  Corbyn will never make a fine orator but the content was sound. What was disconcerting though was what he left out.

It's all very well to talk about abolishing tuition fees and nationalising the railways, but to do that you have to gain control of your party and there is precious little sign of that.  For all the talk about a kinder politics there comes a time when you have to take control of the Blairite civil services which is bending the rules blatantly in order to favour, wherever possible, the Right in the Party.

Tomorrow there is a demonstration outside the Conference against Iain McNicol, the plug ugly General Secretary who has engineered in conjunction with the Compliance Unit the suspension and expulsion of thousands of members.  It is about time that Corbyn had the bottle to call time on Crooked McNicol.

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