Sunday, August 13, 2017

NOW tracks the alarming trend of Democratic Party candidates who oppose abortion rights

From Toni Van Pelt , President of National Organization of Women:

Last week, Democratic party leaders said that they would start funding candidates who oppose abortion rights. Steve, will you help us stop them?

For over 50 years NOW has upheld its commitment to reproductive rights: that every woman should have the right to safe and legal abortion care.

We’ve challenged countless conservatives who have tried to roll back access to abortion, birth control, and other essential health services. Now the Democratic party is wavering on its commitment to protect reproductive rights. So we’re going to challenge them, too.

NOW’s activists are ready to take on this harmful policy at the grassroots, and put a stop to it before it puts women’s lives at risk. Will you make a gift to NOW today, and support our grassroots?

We’re empowering grassroots activists to advocate for women in their local Democratic organizations, and with local Democratic leaders. We have to let them know that we will not tolerate policies that interfere with our right to control our own bodies.

When anti-choice candidates get elected, women’s lives are put at risk. If the Democratic party won’t support candidates who champion reproductive freedom, who will?

We’re taking on every attack on abortion rights, from the right and left, and from the grassroots on up. Donate to NOW, and help us send a message loud and clear: we won’t compromise on reproductive rights!

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