Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Single payer health care and electing local DSA members discussed at monthly meet

By SJ Otto
Support for a Single Payer system in the US was part of a strategy and goals session held by Wichita's Democratic Socialist of America (DSA), last Saturday. Goals and strategies were planned out at a meeting with 15 members present.
Other goals included getting DSA members elected. Those elections are likely to be at a local level, such as school board or city council. Member also said they wanted to support like minded candidates who are not DSA members. Some members expressed support for third party candidates. Some members said some people are still are livid over the DNC in the last election. There was consensus that the stigma of being socialist is dying down.
Another area of concern was support of organized labor. Members agreed to find ways to support labor. One idea was to fight against right-to-work laws. Another is to put heat on the anti-labor politicians. There was also agreement to support picket lines.
There was talk of criminal justice reform. But it was decided that the Peace and Social Justice group was already doing that and members can support their efforts.
It was decided that the local chapter will keep the national DSA informed on our activities.
A major DSA convention will be held Aug. 3-6, in Chicago. It will be the largest DSA convention ever. From Wichita, 15 members plan to go so far.
Other events that DSA has taken an interest in is:
June 10 there is an anti-Muslem march at the Islamic Society of Wichita. The idea is not to make more publicity than necessary so there is no anti-march planned as of now. Some DSA members will attend a Ramadan After Dinner at the center will have, June 12.
Some DSA member may take part in the Gay Pride Parade, June 18.

DSA will try to have a presents at Juneteenth celebration here in Wichita, June 24.
A new banner for the Wichita Chapter DSA.

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