Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Daily Kos tries to stop Trumpcare (AKA Don't care)

From Irna Landrum, Daily Kos:

Mitch McConnell will force a vote on the as-yet-unwritten, super secret Trumpcare bill this month, come hell or high water. 

There is internal strife among Republicans senators, and some are urging McConnell to delay the vote. However, he will cancel the next recess and work senators until every item on the Senate calendar is complete—unless he gets a vote this month. 

This is part of McConnell's continued pressure on Senate Republicans to fall in line and pass Trumpcare, a bill most of them haven't seen yet.Secrecy and bullying are not how we pass major legislation! 

Call Senator Jerry Moran at (202) 224-6521 and Senator Pat Roberts at (202) 224-4774. Using this sample script, tell them to stand up to McConnell's bullying and reject Trumpcare now.

Hello. My name is steve calling from 67101 in Maize. I'm urging you to reject Trumpcare. Don't bow to Mitch McConnell's pressure to vote on this bill no one has seen and your constituents DO NOT WANT. If McConnell forces a vote, vote NO on Trumpcare. Thank you.

Pix from UPI.com.

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