Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Another un-necessary attack on women's rights by conservative legislators

A report from Julie Burkhart, Founcer and CEO of Trust Women Foundation:

Legislators gutted SB 83 — a bill about propane safety — late last week, and they are subbing the contents of HB 2319, the "font bill" we've told you about before, in SB 83. I need you to call your state rep and senator and ask them to vote "no" on this bill. 
The so-called font bill requires clinics such as ours to disclose medically unnecessary information about our physicians, who serve our patients with compassion and high-quality health care. Mandating these disclosures do nothing to protect the health and safety of patients, but in fact could hurt the patient/physician relationship by instilling uncertainty in a physician’s credibility. Mandating the way in which the information is typed and printed isclearly an obstacle disguised as a safety measure. Kansas does not require this kind of disclosure for any other type of health care, and that should be evidence enough that this is just another attempt to stigmatize and single out abortion care. 
I’m also afraid that these mandates may cause further harassment and even violence against physicians who provide abortion care.
Women shouldn’t endure further obstacles in the path of accessing health care of any form, and physicians should not be singled out for providing a specific type of health care.

Please call your legislators to let them know you expect them to vote "no" against this bill because you #TrustWomen. Don't know who to call? Find your legislators by submitting your address here.

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