Friday, April 07, 2017

The US is politically divided—right vs. left- we don’t need appeasement, we need political struggle

By SJ Otto
We hear a lot of talk about pulling the country together. We can all see how split apart this nation is. Conservatives and liberals have rarely been as divided as they are now. But joining together with people who make massive mistakes by putting their trust in repugnant government officials may not be such a wise idea. We may need to be a  divided country for some time to come.
The differences between left and right go deep. But there is also a divide between some leftists and liberals. They are not one and the same. On the left we have liberals—as well as liberal and moderate Democrats, but we also have democratic socialists, communists and anarchists. They have deep differences.
For example, according to Yahoo News:

“Multiple fights broke out and at least one Trump supporter was doused with pepper spray when pro-Trump demonstrators marching along Bolsa Chica State Beach encountered a small group opposed to the Republican president who had gathered to denounce the rally.
Four counter-protesters were arrested, three for illegal use of pepper spray and one for assault and battery, Kevin Pearsall, a spokesman for the California State Parks Police said on Saturday evening. (Reuters)”

However these protesters were not really liberals, as many conservatives have said. They were dressed up in black block clothing and those are used exclusively by some anarchist and a few communist oriented groups. So these anti-Trump protesters who used pepper spray were not liberals at all.
Many conservatives either didn’t know the difference or didn’t care. Many conservative trolls have written in the comments section of that article condemning the anti-Trump protesters.
Here is an example:

More "tolerant" liberals doing what they do best. Attacking and trying to destroy anybody who does not agree with them.
This was predicted to happen. KTLA Channel 5 News told the world about this Trump Rally, the exact location, hours before it began... KTLA is officially supporting liberal terrorism.
Liberals always resort to violence because their positions lack logic, therefore they lose all debates.

And there are those comments that show the complete contempt for those who are not going along with the conservative views of Trump and his supporters:

Liberalism is one of the most terrible diseases known to mankind. We must find a cure

Once again the anti American democrat politicians in California try to shut down our freedom of speech These democrats are America's enemies!!

And from a recent Yahoo News article about Trump’s bombing of Syria:

Reading all of the moronic liberal comments if becomes clear that you socialist buffoons have no clue how government works. Trump had all his military generals giving him intel, the CIA head, .... The list goes on and on. Why don't you hate filled liberal POS just get over the fact that you lost. You are pathetic excuses for Americans. The US is trying to help and all you liberal idiots are concerned with is "now we have grounds to impeach him". Hate filled #$%$ from the Democratic party of hate.

It's about time ! Obama was so scared of taking action that many had to die from our cowardice. The only thing the Middle East understands is military strength. During President Bush's two terms there was little if any terrorist activity if you remember. The Libs of course will raise a ruckus, but they wouldn't be happy with free ice cream ! Liberal riots during the 70's caused the Vietnam War to be extended several years due to Democratic leadership being scared to death of taking affirmative action like bombing Hanoi or Haiphong Harbor. Also they literally advertised targets beforehand and had insane policies like not allowing pilots to destroy enemy planes on the ground until they took off or destroy missiles until they lit their radar. Insane !

These last comments are an example of how bringing these different political sides together are nearly impossible. When such people consider a person’s politics a disease and when another call Democrats anti-American enemies, there is not much hope for bringing such people together for a constructive dialog.
Until some common ground can be found, we will have to operate under the assumption that some people are just plain unreachable and dangerous. The only reaction to such people can be a sharp struggle against them and not an attempt to seek harmony. 
There is nothing wrong with political struggle against politically backward ideas. That is normal. We may be more divided today than years past, but that can’t be helped. More people today get their news from biased political news sites. We live in a time when some conservative people are waging a war-like campaign on the entire left—everything from liberalism to communism and anarchism.
On one hand we keep hearing that communism is dead gone and buried. But we also hear from the right that we must fight against such dangerous ideas. The trend on the right is to eradicate all sympathy for the left. That means that we on the left must fight back to prevent the conservatives from achieving their goal.
We must fight the good fight!

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