Thursday, April 13, 2017

Letter from James Thompson on the special election Tuesday

I received the following letter from James Thompson and I decided to publish it here on this site. –SJ Otto:

I am so proud, and you should be too. We may have come up short in this election, but in many ways, we started something bigger.

We have proven that every election in Kansas -- and anywhere in the country -- can be competitive. We’ve proven that when you fight for working people, you can build a movement. We have put our elected officials on notice that we are actively present, and they will be expected to answer to their constituents. We have proven that Kansas Democrats can run an incredible race that can shock the nation, and we have set the stage for more to come.

I could not be more proud of the incredible efforts of my amazing team, and I will forever owe them a huge debt of gratitude. I am also so grateful to you: for your commitment, trust, support, and hard work have been humbling. I will never forget what you did for this campaign.

While this race may not have turned out as we wanted, I am inspired, deeply committed, and absolutely optimistic for the future of our district, state, and our country. Much of this optimism is a result of your support, and I hope you share it. Make no mistake: our moment is coming. Our values that help working class people are too important to abandon. That's why we will keep fighting for America.

With heartfelt thanks,


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