Monday, March 06, 2017

Many come out to see "National Bird" film on US drone program

By SJ Otto
This last Friday, March 10, about 50 people came to see the film "National Bird," a documentary film about the US unmanned drone program. The film was shown at the Peace and Social Justice Center of Central of Kansas, here in Wichita.
The film focuses mostly on a small group of military personnel who took part in the US drone program. That program sends unmanned drone aircraft through parts of the Middle-east and Africa to kill suspected terrorist leaders. The aircraft also kill civilians who are in the way. The film also looked at people who lived in the areas affected by the drones.
The film pointed out that the US Army has a policy of shooting anyone 16 years of age and older who is seen to have a gun. They are considered "likely terrorists." Personnel in the film, interviewed said the people who operate the program get more money and credit for the number of people they kill.
This week, one of the persons from the film, Air Force Veteran Lisa Ling, a former technical sergeant in drone surveillance systems will speak about the drone war, at Hubbard Hall, at Wichita State University at 7pm, in Room 208, on Friday, March 10.
I had an open letter to The Wichita Eagle on the drone program and that letter got published in The Wichita Eagle. I got a response to that letter.
I notice this guy ignored important issues and basically said the troops should follow orders and the policies are unimportant. In other words “they are just following orders.” He continued the usual lie that our “troops are defending our freedom.” He also said I belong to a group of people "with a totally unrealistic view of the world we live in today, who disagrees with government policy."
More on this to come.

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