Monday, November 07, 2016

It’s time to vote—get out there and just do it!

By SJ Otto

This is a follow-up article to our “voter’s Guide.” Tomorrow is the big day. In the United States of America we really have an oligarchy rather than an actual democracy. Still we encourage all people to vote, especially those who are progressive and agree, at least in part, with this site. We actually have a system of “one dollar- one vote,” rather than “one man- one vote,” which is what we really need. Still—it is the only voice we have on political matters so let’s make the most of it.

For president—this is a tough election for many of us. Hillary Clinton is one of the most establishment presidents we have had in many years. However, Donald Trump, who is our president of change, is not the kind of change this country needs. We don’t need popular change that benefits the $billionaire class. We already have that and we don’t need more. We also need Obamacare (ACA / Affordable Care Act) fixed so it works for all those who never had health care before. We don’t want that rug pulled out from under us. Those of us who don’t make much money don’t want to die way before our times so that wealthy people will not be inconvenienced.

Hillary is a war hawk. But we can oppose her wars more effectively if we are not sick from lack of health care. So vote for Hillary. For some of us our lives depend on it. Earlier we posted: The Primary is over —it is Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump —let's dump Trump and Clinton vs Trump- damned if we do vote, damned if we don’t. We already know she is not the best candidate we could have. But she is THE BEST we have at this time.

We have discussed third parties this election cycle and for president we reject them all. Not only will a third party help elect Trump, there are no progressive parties running candidates here in Kansas. The closest left-party, The Green Party, is a pro-capitalist party. They are not economically left-wing and do not support any democratic socialist positions. There are no socialist party candidates running on the ticket here in Kansas. For a review of why we don’t endorse the Green Party see: US Green Party is not left-wing at all—supporting them is a waste of time!

There are many races here in Kansas and the best rule of thumb is to just vote Democrat. The Republican Party is always the party of greed and corruption. There are a few moderates running, but considering the damage being done by Governor Sam Brownback and his minions in the Kansas Legislature why take chances? It is safer just to vote against all Republicans running. If they are opposed by Democrats then vote for the Democrats. Brownback is now considered the worst governor in the US today. He is destroying education and he is destroying the infrastructure of this state. He is giving huge tax breaks to businesses at the expense of working people. We can’t get rid of him so let’s get rid of his supporters.

One big issue is the Supreme Court justices under attack by "Kansans for Justice," an obvious Brownback front group that wants to get rid of all the court justices who will hold Brownback accountable for his actions. It is important to vote YES to keep Chief Justice Lawton Nuss, Justice Marla J. Luckert, Justice Carol A. Beier and Justice Dan Biles in office. Don’t let Kansas for Justice make fools of us. Keep those justices in office.

So now it is time to vote.

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