Monday, October 10, 2016

Last night's debate a slug-fest

I missed the debates last night, since I wasn't feeling very well. But I realize now that I should have watched them. That's not because I thought anything major would change. It's not because I thought the candidates would clarify their stands on the issues. It is more like a Jerry Springer moment. It was less a civil debate and more a knock-down insult-fest.
I probably will watch reruns of this debate somewhere. This has got to be the most hostile debate since the beginning of television. We can give a lot credit to the "slug-fest" atmosphere to Donald Trump's showmanship. Even after the spectacle of his comments about women, taped years ago, where he didn't know he was being recorded, he barely apologized. 
This was in my hometown of St. Louis. I haven't been there much since I left as a small kid. But it is interesting to see the old home town.
Polls show that Clinton is most likely to win this election. Trump has devastated the Republican Party and its members are distancing themselves from him. One thing we can say about Trump is that he has made the election interesting. Never have I ever regretted missing a presidential candidate debate as this one. This is history and we get to watch it live. -SJ Otto

For another look at the debates here is comments from Huffington Post:
ST. LOUIS - Shortly into Sunday night’s wildly anticipated debate, Donald Trumpmade a campaign promise that might be more fitting in Vladimir Putin’s Russia than modern American politics: If he were president, he told Hillary Clinton, “you’d be in jail.”
It was part of a performance from Trump that put to rest the question, if it was still open, of whether Trump is fit for the presidency. Nobody appeared more aware of that reality than Trump, whose strategy seemed to be to extract as much public humiliation from Clinton as he could, rather than to win the election.
His acquiescences to reality also came through in his final answer, when, after trashing Clinton for 90 minutes, the candidates were asked to say one nice thing about each other. Clinton complimented Trump’s children, but Trump effusively praised Clinton’s indefatigable spirit. 
“I will say this about Hillary. She doesn’t quit. She doesn’t give up. I respect that. I tell it like it is: She is a fighter. I disagree with much of what she’s fighting for. I do disagree with her judgment in many cases, but she does fight hard and she doesn’t quit and she doesn’t give up, and I consider that to be a very good trait,” he said.
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