Thursday, September 22, 2016

Nine people injured, 44 arrested in Charlotte night riots

I haven't had time to write up my own comments on the events in Charlotte, so I am posting this. I have found that RT Television and other news sources do a better job of covering our mishaps, such as riots, than their US counter-parts. So for now it is better to get a realistic look at the riots from an outside sources. -SJ Otto

From RT:
The second night of violent protests in Charlotte resulted in 9 people injured and 44 arrested, according to the city's police chief. He refused to make public the tape of the fatal police shooting of a black man that led to protests.
The 44 arrestees are charged with failure to disperse, assault and breaking and entry, Chief Kerr Putney said during a press conference on Thursday morning.
Chief Putney said police had used gas when the peaceful protest turned into a riot on Wednesday night but made no mention over the use of rubber bullets. Posts on social media from witness said police had fired rubber bullets into the crowd as they exited the Omni Hotel. A man was hit in the head and lost a lot of blood. Police said he was in critical condition and the incident was the result of "civilian on civilian" assault. By Thursday afternoon, WCNC reported the man had died. 

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