Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Clinton won—but does anyone really care?

By SJ Otto
The presidential debates were predictable. Donald Trump never ran out of things to say, and he was a pushy bully. Hillary Clinton was not as aggressive as she should have been. But she kept to the facts.
I watched the debate at the 20th Century Center, in Wichita, with the Murdock Theater. There were a few hundred people there. In years past I bragged of watching such fluff as Gilligan’s Island rather than watching the presidential debates. This year I decided I’d watch it. I sat next to three young people. At least one was in her teens. The girl said she was not old enough to vote but wanted to understand the candidates.  
A lot of experts think Clinton won the debate. But many also admit it may not be enough to put her over Trump. After all, Trump is an alfa male, a bully and a brute. And most of his supporters like that about him. It isn’t much different from Ronald Reagan. He was able to unfairly crush most of his critics. But that only made him popular, even with people who disagreed with him. Deep down inside a lot of people like a fascist and a bully for a leader.
Clinton clearly had the facts on her side. But again, many people don’t pay attention to that. They are more for style over substance. There are a lot of voters who don’t even understand the facts.  So once again, she was ahead in the debate, but it may not make much difference.
 The high point of the debate was when Clinton called Trump out on his treatment of women. She accused him of calling them "pigs, slobs, and dogs." Trump admitted; “I called Rosie O'Donnell a pig, but I think most people agree she is.” Clinton was able to show his anti-women biases.

So now the contest moves on.

Local Democrats watch the debate at the 20th Century Center.
Photo from CNN.

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