Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Mike Pompeo is a militarist fool- needs to go

By SJ Otto
Representative Mike Pompeo is probably the worst representative to every come from the 4th district.  The following was sent out in e-mails to his constituents:

"We are living in dangerous times here in America.  Sadly, policies set in place by the Obama administration and actions taken by those in his administration have made us markedly less safe. Over the last couple weeks I have been asked to speak on television about some of these major foreign policy blunders that have been in the news.
About two weeks ago, a congressional task force that I served on released its interim report.  Read it here.  Our work found that senior officials at U.S. Central Command had been manipulating intelligence regarding the fight against ISIS.  This manipulation consistently downplayed the strength of radical Islamic terrorists.  It caused policymakers to believe we were winning a battle we were actually losing.  I joined Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo to discuss further.

Around the same time, we all learned about the shocking $400 million payment to Iran that by shipping pallets of foreign currency being flown to Tehran secretly while U.S. hostages were being released.  The world knew this was a ransom payment.  I wrote a letter to the Treasury Department demanding to know what legal grounds they had to make such a transfer.  Then, just this week, the State Department confirmed it – the $400 million was contingent on Iran releasing the American hostages!  I explained all of this to Trish Regan on Fox News on Monday before the State Department confirmed our suspicions."  

He is a true arm chair warrior. He sits in his conges seat and acts as if he knows all. The truth is that politicians like him are for more dangerous than our president. The $400 million sent to Iran was part of a diplomatic deal and had nothing to do with hostages. Pompeo seems to believe we can treat regimes we have odds with- to automatically go to war. I don't have any sympathies for the Iranian Government but going to war with them, without any real provocation is just plain Looney. We don't go to war with a country just because we don't see eye to eye.
As for ISIS, the US is fighting to control Arab oil fields. We would not be at war otherwise. As much as I don't favor ISIS we can't just be at war with people because we don't have the same ideologies.
Pompeo has no real intelligent ideas on how to fight ISIS. If it were up to him, this country would put thousands of our men and women into harms way without necessity. Pompeo is a reckless fool and we need to vote him out of office.

We can only assume that Pompeo learned about the military reading comic books and watching John Wayne movies. We don't need that kind of leadership.

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