Monday, August 01, 2016

Kansas Chamber of Commerce attacks moderate Republicans

By SJ Otto
If there is anything we can count on this election day it is lies and distortions form our Kansas Chamber of Commerce. And what are they lying about? Moderate Republicans who would actually oppose Governor Sam Brownback's miserable failed experiment.
The Chamber and its supporters, according to The Wichita Eagle, have put out all kinds of radio ads and mailers. According to The Wichita Eagle article:

The chamber’s PAC contributed $61,500 to the Main Street Kansas PAC, a group that has paid for radio ads and mailers attacking moderate-leaning Republicans ahead of the Aug. 2 primary, according to documents filed this week with the Kansas Governmental Ethics Commission.
“The world’s gone crazy,” a man says in one radio ad paid for by Main Street Kansas PAC. “I read the other day that (Sen.) Carolyn McGinn voted with Hillary and Obama’s party 4,181 times.”
That number appears to be calculated from more than a decade of votes. The ad does not mention that the majority of legislative votes are on noncontroversial matters, such as naming a bridge or highway, and pass with broad bipartisan support.

The real question we need to ask is why an organizations as the Kansas Chamber of Commerce would want to hold Kansas into the backward state it is presently in.
We lack jobs, our educational system is shot, our credit is shot, our infra-structure is shot, just about everything people judge this state by is shot. Why would any individual, much less a civic organization, want our state to be stuck in such a mess.
The chamber members are not elected. If they were it would be time to vote them out. Right now people need to let them all know how sick we are of the status quo. Brownback is now the most unpopular governor of any state in the US. He is probably the most unpopular and ineffective governor in the history of the state. Business can't be good if everything the state is supposed to provide its citizens, such as education, doesn't work. No business wants to relocate here. Everything the state provides is inadiquate.
The Kansas Chamber of Commerce is spending money to hold the citizens of this state in a state of limbo.

And giving Kansans the business!

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